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Unapologetic with Julia Jeffress Sadler

Jul 6, 2022

Today it’s hard not to run into something Morgan Harper Nichols created—whether you’re just walking around Target or scrolling through Instagram. But Morgan wasn’t always a viral visual artist and best-selling author. In fact, not that long ago she was working as a touring musician—using her gifts, but out of fear, not fully leaning into the calling God had placed on her life. During this week’s episode of Unapologetic, Julia and Morgan talk about how a poem shared on Pinterest unexpectedly set Morgan on her current path, the different ways we can find true peace in a chaotic world, and why obedience to God can look like willingly embracing the calling He has for our lives, even when that seems scary or uncertain. Hear more from Morgan on her podcast, The Morgan Harper Nichols Show, or follow her on Instagram. Her newest book, Peace is a Practice, is available now!