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Unapologetic with Julia Jeffress Sadler

Jun 29, 2022

Lauren McAfee has walked through almost unimaginable grief. A decade into their adoption journey, Lauren and her husband had to say goodbye forever to their second adopted child, only after having battled their young daughter’s cancer diagnosis a few months into welcoming her home. But through each trial that’s come her way, Lauren has stood firm in her conviction that God is working all things for good, even when that good has been hard to see. On this episode of Unapologetic, Julia invites Lauren to share her story—from growing up as part of the Hobby Lobby family to Lauren’s incredible testimony of following God’s call to adopt even when that road to motherhood has been far from easy. Throughout, Lauren shares her advice for processing pain and encourages listeners towards greater intimacy with God even in the midst of deep heartache. Connect with Lauren on Instagram, Twitter, or through her website: